Bielmar engages in the battle with malnutrition

Child malnutrition is another issue that we care for, being the organizer of the „I Eat Second Breakfast” campaign.  To draw public attention to the scale of the problem of malnutrition, we produced two social spots with participation of celebrities. Also new partners willing to propagate Bielmar’s action have joined our initiative.  

Celebrities in the „STOP MALNUTRITION” spot

The phenomenon of malnutrition of children in Poland is by no means a negligible problem. It turns out that malnutrition can affect many children, both those underweight and overweight – as long as it results from the consumption of highly processed and low quality foods.

Not everyone knows about it. Not everyone knows how to recognize such a child. The aim of the „I Eat Second Breakfast” campaign, whose co-founder and strategic partner is Bielmar, is to inform people about it. – says the Vice-President of the Management Board of Bielmar , Sylwiusz Wlaźlak.

Bielmar is actively engaged in the campaign publicizing the problem of child malnutrition. To draw public attention to the scale of the problem of malnutrition, two social spots with the participation of celebrities were produced. Our invitation was accepted by many known and popular film and theater actors, musicians and bloggers: Dorota Chotecka, Katarzyna Glinka, Aleksandra Szwed, Zosia Ślotała, Beata Sadowska, Karolina Malinowska, Jerzy Grzechnik, Andrzej Krzywy, Michał Będźmirowski (ModnyTata.pl), AdBuster, and Malwina Bakalarz (Bakusiowo.pl). The first of the „STOP MALNUTRITION” spot.

Others follow our example.

Bielmar has cooperated with the Polish Humanitarian Action since 2015. With the company support, almost 16,000 hot meals were supplied to malnourished children last year under the Pajacyk program. A similar initiative is undertaken by the chain of Warsaw AIOLI restaurants. Four ambassadors of the „I Eat Second Breakfast” campaign together with the chefs designed sandwiches which were included in a special holiday menu of the chain. Part of the proceeds from the sale of sandwiches made by Katarzyna Glinka, Zosia Ślotała, Michał Będźmirowski (ModnyTata.pl) and Andrzej Krzywy will support the Pajacyk feeding program.


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