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We are engaged in I EAT SECOND BREAKFAST campaign. Due to popularizing healthy lifestyle and proper eating habits we can realize our mission of becoming socialy responsible company.

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    Bielmar’s products stand not only for tradition and production craft, but mainly for quality, which is so important while cooking and preparing meals. Get to know our spreadable products, oils, and culinary products and learn why they are so popular within our country and abroad.



    Zakłady Tłuszczowe Bielmar Sp. z o.o produce margarine, plant oils, oils. It’s a polish private company owned by employees, inheritors, rapeseed suppliers and Bielmar’s products distributors. The company in its present form exists since 1994, but really it has been established in 1945. Our enterprise hires over 350 people, annual turnover is about 250 million PLN, and our share in polish yellow oil market makes us one of the prime producers of margarine.

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    Company History

    Zakłady Tłuszczowe Bielmar Sp. z o.o is a polish company owned by present and former employees, rapeseed suppliers and products distributors. The company exists in its present form since 1994, but Bielmar itself has been active since 1945.