Zakłady Tłuszczowe Bielmar Sp. z o.o produce margarine, plant oils, oils. It’s a polish private company owned by employees, inheritors, rapeseed suppliers and Bielmar’s products distributors. The company in its present form exists since 1994, but really it has been established in 1945. Our enterprise hires over 350 people, annual turnover is about 250 million PLN, and our share in polish yellow oil market makes us one of the prime producers of margarine.

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Aim of I EAT SECOND BREAKFAST campaign is to form the proper habit of  eating second breakfast within Poles, especially youngest ones. Due to this practice we can prevent metabolic diseases, circulatory diseases and avoid endocrine-disrupting properties in adulthood.

Our mission is to popularize the idea of carrying around box with healthy second breakfast. While encouraging to regular, balanced meals, we should not forget those who can't afford it. Through this campaign we also support Pajacyk programme, which  became a partner of our action.

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